APOGEE Global Group


How long does the IT recruitment process take?

The time taken for the entire process depends on the job description, the type of role (full-time versus contractual versus seasonal). Since APOGEE Global has a vast pool of vetted and trained candidates, the process is completed as soon as possible. The typical time taken is 2-3 weeks.

What are your IT recruitment charges?

Our recruiting fees are based on the type of position(s) being filled, the time taken, and any specific requirements from our clients. That said, our fees are affordable and give you the right value for money.

Do you provide training for the consultants?

Yes, we ensure that our consultants are trained in the technologies that will be used in your project. We will provide you with their CVs, credentials and other documentation before onboarding them to your project.

What are your terms of client confidentiality?

All our consultants are strictly held to our code of ethics. They cannot discuss your project with anyone outside the organization.

Is there a time limit for hiring a consultant?

No, our consultants are available for all kinds of projects - short term and long-term. You can even hire them as full-time employees after the project.

We have recently started a small business. Do I need an IT consultancy?

Size does not matter to an IT consultancy because every business needs IT in the modern world. It is better to take advantage of all the benefits that technology offers as a small start-up so that you can move to the next level effortlessly.

Can I change the consultant after the project starts?

There is a very little chance that you may want to change the consultant once the project is underway because we ensure the best fit. However, if you want to change the consultant for any reason, it is absolutely possible provided there is a good reason for it.

Does your support continue even after the project?

We will continue to offer continued support subject to the conditions of the contract. You can always extend the contract in case you need continued support like maintenance or management.

I am not familiar with any technologies or technical aspects as a small business owner. Is that ok?

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice in technology because we offer end-to-end IT services. Our agreements are concise and clear as much as possible so that those unfamiliar with technology can also understand them. You can trust us to make the right decisions for your firm in terms of technology.

How do you ensure quality and compliance?

All our deliveries are in strict compliance with SLAs. We work as per pre-determined standards and provide weekly and monthly updates to show that we are on track.